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UNITED WORLD MARTIAL ARTS What is American Freestyle Karate? Master Klawon

American Freestyle Martial Arts taught at United World Martial Arts is no different then all other styles, except its base is here in America. U.W.M.A. American Freestyle (A.F.), is a blended system of such arts as, Isshin Ryu, Okinawan Weapons, Kempo, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Kendo, Iaido, Filipino Stick Fighting, etc.  All of these systems that Master Klawon  has studied are shared with each student.  Master Klawon has broken down and modified these arts to bring out the best in their students.

American Freestyle has it’s strongest roots in Isshin-Ryu Karate. Through Isshin-Ryu we get a foundation in strong traditional style martial arts.  Teaching the students how to defend themselves utilizing hand to hand techniques, kicking and weapons, such as the Bo staff and Sai.  Kempo, also a Japanese based system just like Isshin-Ryu, gives us fast hands and explosive power, using a lower stance and strong leg strength.  Tae Kwon Do (Kuk Sool Won) a Korean based system, teaches the student rapid kicking power both high and low, while still using weapons.  Kendo and Iaido, is another Japanese based system familiar by most people because it teaches the ancient art of the Samurai or the warriors way.  We use this in spirit and in sword training to teach a student that with good attitude and a great spirit you can overcome almost any obstacle.  Aikido goes hand in hand with Iaido and Kendo, except it removes the sword and teaches a more fluid movement using the opponents energy against them. Finally Modern Arnis or Filipino stick fighting, teaches the student the most common weapon you can find, a stick.  All these systems normally work against each at most schools, and that's why American Freestyle is different.  We have combined them all into a more modern way of training not just for self defense but self-control and self-confidence.  

All Ages

Free Trial Class

Fee trial program is for any one that meets the age requirements for the program and can physically and mentally handle the structure of class. Please contact us for a full explanation of our free trial program, and if it can benefit you.  A full list of the schedule can be found in each program or look at our “Master Schedule” for times. Must be 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent/guardian to try any program.

Ages 4 - Up

Karate Info

Ages 18 - Up

K.I.C.K. Program

Master Butch Klawon




Trail Class


All programs are designed with the students age in mind.  We have several programs to help accommodate this. Our Little Ninjas program is for ages 4-6, Youth karate age 7-13 and adults ages 14-Up.  This helps keep class sizes down and gives more personal attention to each student. Please choose the program that's right for you.

The K.I.C.K. Program is our high intensity Cardio kickboxing class designed for anyone who wants to sweat. K.I.C.K. Or Karate Inspired Cardio Kickboxing, is for ages 16 and up.  This class has everything you need for a full body work out.  Taught by Master Klawon, not  someone who took a 6 week kickboxing seminar, but a real martial artist.  For more information please visit our K.I.C.K. Program page.

For more information about how American Freestyle will benefit you or your child please visit the age specific Karate program