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7th Degree Black Belt UWMA American Freestyle Karate

4th  Degree Black Belt Isshin-Ryu Karate

Co-Creator of UWMA American Freestyle Karate,

Creator of UWMA K.I.C.K. (Karate Inspired Cardio Kickboxing)

Creator of UWMA Cage Fitness

Master Klawon has been in martial arts for over 30 years.  With his vast knowledge of Martial Arts, he decided to create a system that benefits students more than the person who

created it.  He has always believed that a Master is proven by the knowledge they share, not the trophies they win. Master Klawon has been teaching Martial Arts since 1993, however through all of his teaching he has learned that you are always a student of the Martial Arts no matter what your rank is.  Though he has a strong passion for training in the arts he has a stronger passion in teaching life lessons.  A proud father of three, he still considers his children to be his greatest accomplishment in life.  A great instructor once told him that a kick is a kick and a punch is a punch, no matter how you much you change it, so your legacy is what you really should leave behind, (Soke Gary Castanza). So his mission has been to teach life lessons along with the Martial Arts. With his wife Linda by his side pushing him to do something with the gift and the knowledge he has been given, he decided to open United World Martial Arts.  

"A path without a traveler is a lonely path, choose yours wisely"

Master Klawon