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We won’t give you a black belt, you’ll earn it

American Freestyle Karate

American Freestyle Karate (AFK) is blend of many popular styles of martial arts.  The most “effective” elements of styles such as Issyun Ryu or Kempo are strategically blended with other arts, including Master Klawon’s own free-form kata’s, to create one of the most well rounded martial arts programs  seen to date.  From basics to black belt, you will be instructed only by qualified adult black belt instructors.  Students will become proficient in such weapons as the Arnis sticks, long Bo and Sai, as well as modern street self-defense.  

Adult Karate Program Ages 14 - Up

When you sign up a Karate Uniform (GI) is required to work out in these classes. You’re GI will be given to you and the proper patches to be attached. Please make sure your uniform is kept in good order and no modifications are done that do not meet with UWMA standards.   All students are required to work out in bare feet, no socks or shoes allowed.  This is not only in honor of long standing traditions within the martial arts, but is also in the students best interest.  Bare feet provide the best all around traction and allow the instructor to better view the students’ foot positioning, making it easier to instruct  the student. A black shirt is also required under your uniform, you may wear your own or purchase one from the Dojo.


As training progresses, students will be required to purchase specific training equipment.   This will include such items as sparring gear and weapons. The instructor will notify the student what he/she is required to purchase at the time necessary. You may purchase some equipment from an outside source as long as it meets UWMA requirements.  But be reminded,  the pricing on the merchandise at UWMA is going to be your least expensive option. Weapons are very dangerous and ordering the wrong thing can hurt you and your partner, so any outside weapons, must be inspected by Master Klawon. Sparing gear can’t contain any other school logo or be in an unfit and unsafe condition.


UWMA is proud of our 7000 Square Foot Dojo, one of the largest in Western New York!

Large Dojo Floor

UWMA has a very low fixed rate for each belt promotion.  This fee covers the  basic costs that UWMA infers, including the new belt, certificate and registration. It may also, contain other items such as weapons required for your new rank. Please speak to Master Klawon or his wife Linda about these fees.  Please note that these are promotion fees and not testing fees.  The dojo does not charge to test and it never will, that's are promise to you.  Please remember that we keep all costs down to a minimum so it’s of little concern, we want you to concentrate on your training and nothing else.


The Dojo may be big, but we keep a traditional approach when it comes to training. All tests are done one on one.

Personal Attention

Owner Instructed Class

Master Klawon is always present in every class, he don’t just put his  name on the building, he trains you.

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