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K.I.C.K. Ages 16 - Up

Free Trial Class

Stop in today for your free trial class, you owe it to yourself.

Grandfather Clause

Our “Grandfather Clause”, is our own special guarantee that if you remain an active student we will never increase your tuition. As long as you don't leave us for an extended duration we will lock your price in, forever. We have students that have been with us through 14 years of rate increases, never to pay a penny more.

No shoes allowed on our floor, because it’s padded to decrease the impact of Cardio training. No hardwood or concrete floors here.

Large Workout Space

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Our school does not believe in contract’s, that's why we have the “No Contract Promise”.  We promise that our school will never subject you to a contract of any kind. At UWMA we want you here on a personal commitment not a financial one. If you want to sign a contract, do it with yourself as a personal commitment for you. We don’t know what the future brings and we want you to stay with us forever, but not at as a financial burden. The average gym member drops out within 90 days, and is still stuck with the bill for another 9 months.  They know this and that's why they want that contract.  Our school has no such turnover percentage, because we allow our students to leave for a month or more and come back at the same rate.  So before you try that free kickboxing class in the gym, taught by someone who did Zumba last week, Palates the week before and Crossfit before that; ask if they have a “No Contract Promise”.

Free Trial Class

No Contract Promise

Grandfather Clause

Owners On Site

Cardio Checklist

Know who’s training you before you sign anything!

Free Trial Information

It doesn't matter if you’re in shape and have trained before or just starting, everyone is nervous when they try something new.  At United World Martial Arts, we try and set your mind at ease with our FREE trial program.  If you need one class, two or three we are here to accommodate you and set you on the path to fitness.  Most gyms don’t give you a free trial program, they have you sign up for a trial program that you have to pay for. Then they hit you with all the large fees and contracts afterwards. At UWMA we are up-front before you hit the workout floor.  You can contact us over the phone or just stop in, we are proud of our program and how we conduct our classes. We understand that fitness can be a financial commitment and sometimes a burden on your time, so you can always call us for pricing and scheduling, before you stop in. We only ask that you try our school before you decide on anyone else.

Please no e-mail request for pricing please call or stop in. We like to talk to our future students

K.I.C.K. Program