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Demo Team

The Demo or Demonstration Team is for outstanding students who have shown excellent leadership skills and have exemplified the martial arts spirit. The Demo Team will spread the benefits and beauty of Karate by providing free demonstrations for local schools, businesses, as well as social events. Student’s eligibility for the Demo Team is as follows:
 Student must pass the Demo Team Tryouts.  Demo tryouts are held every 6 months, if you miss tryouts no exceptions will be given.
 Student must be a current member of the school.
 Student must have good attendance.
 Student must be a green belt or higher.
 Student must want to be a part of the Demo Team, not the parents.
 Student must attend every Demo Team class.  If for some reason you can’t make it you must notify us in advance. You are allowed to miss 3 practices, any more you will be asked to leave the team.
 Students must put the Demo Team first, if you are involved in other sports, maybe the Demo Team is not for you.  
 Travel to special events will be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance to allow for arrangements for students and parents.  Failure to make 2 demonstrations in a row may suspend you from the Demo Team.
Please note that the Demo Team will perform very difficult stunts that may be hard for some people.  We will try and accommodate most of the students.  UWMA will always keep safety in mind, if a student poses a risk to themselves or others they may be removed from the Demo Team temporarily.

Students on the Demo Team will be personally trained in new weapons and hand kata’s not taught in the normal classes. An interview with Master Klawon will determine what role they will play in the Demo Team. Like any sport teams, there will be a starting lineup reserved for experienced students as well as a rookie team for beginners in the Demo Team. The rookie team allows the beginners to practice and polish techniques for the larger demonstrations.
Special lessons will be taught to you every other week. For your commitment to the school, we will take the extra time and train you above and beyond your normal class time.  This day will be on Saturday from 12:15 PM - 1 PM.  If this time is difficult for you to make, then ask yourself if you are truly ready to commit to the Demo Team. We will make the commitment and train you, if you make the commitment to learn and have fun.
Basic weapons demonstrated on the demo will include, Sword, Nunchaku, Kama, Tonfa and Sai.  Other weapons may be learned, but only when all basic kata's have been learned.
Below is a list of the names for the basic kata's.
To the new 
 Demo Team





Japanese Name

Soto Senshi (So-Toe-Sen-She)

Taifuugan (Tie-Fu-Gon)

Tou-Do (Tau-Dough)

Tetsu Tonfa (Tet-Sue-Tone-Fah)

Shishi-Do (She-She-Dough)

Sword Warrior

The Eye Of The Typhoon

The Way Of The Sickle

Iron Tonfa

The Way Of The Lion
Team Photo
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